Quality Exteriors

Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC specializes in several options for commercial buildings. Commercial buildings need to be durable and look professional. There are several types of exteriors for commercial buildings, varying based on material, durability, and look of the design.​

Exterior Types

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Stucco Siding

Traditional stucco is made from mixing sand, lime, water and cement. A galvanized-metal screening and a waterproof barrier paper are applied over wood walls before stucco is added to provide a strong base for the stucco and protect the walls underneath. Stucco is very rigid, careful installation can help reduce the possibility of unwanted cracks.

Fiber-Cement Siding

Fiber-cement siding consists of rough sand and cement, the addition of fiber is mixed in to improve durability. It resembles wood while lasting much longer than traditional wood siding. Fiber-cement siding is reminiscent of characteristic exterior of residential siding; this look is great for commercial businesses that want to show themselves as personal and comfortable.

Exterior Insulation Finishing System-EIFS

Exterior insulation finishing systems combine insulation and finishing coats to provide a synthetic stucco look to commercial exterior design. This method adds additional insulation to the building, while improving energy efficiency. The exterior finish of EIFS is rough to the touch and can accommodate more options to the client.

Mortarless Brick Veneer

Mortarless brick veneer exteriors offer a clean and professional look. These exteriors are durable and are designed to withstand small impacts and weather damage better than other brick materials. Unlike mortared brick, mortarless brick veneer does not require a skilled masonry contractor for installation, which becomes more cost effective.

Synthetic Stone or Brick

Synthetic stone or brick facades are strong and it won’t break nearly as easy as real stonework material. Synthetics are also waterproof and flame resistant. It provides a comfortable stone look without the maintenance issues.

Vinyl Siding

Made from PVC, vinyl siding has been around since the early 1960s, however, with progressions in the technology of manufacturing, it’s new design and engineering have produced vinyl siding that can mimic the look of many types of cladding and architectural accents, including slate, stone, and wood. In addition, vinyl siding has improved on its weather resistance and strength while delivering a wide selection colors.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement contains wood fibers mixed with cement and sand. The siding is much denser than vinyl and has a better ability to withstand severe weather such as wind or hail. The material is very firm and does not contract or expand at the same rate that wood and vinyl siding do. This allows paint to last longer on its surface while providing less maintenance than wood siding.

Who we are

Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC is a disaster restoration company based here in Jacksonville. No one in the industry has a better reputation, and if you give us the chance, we’ll show you why!

What we do

Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC, we offer fire and water damage restoration and many other services that clean up your business after a disaster. We have a team of trained professionals who can come into your property and clean it up so that you can get back to business right away. From removing carpets and equipment to cleaning floors, walls and ceilings, we will make your business look like new again.
We do more than just assist those who have suffered a fire or flood, too. If your home was damaged during a construction job, we will help clean it up. We can also help with everything from odor removal to vandalism cleanup and sewage cleanup. It doesn’t matter how disgusting things are inside your property we can help! We will start by assessing the damage and telling you what items are salvageable. Then we will get to work immediately to prevent any further damage from taking place.

We do it all

We strive to provide people with “Disaster Recovery Anytime, Anywhere” and will work diligently on your behalf to get your business clean, regardless of the circumstances. There is no job that is too tough for us to handle, and we will restore your home to the way it was before you called us to work on it. Contact us today to get started.

Great people, better service

We handle a variety of claims caused by fire, flood, hurricane, tornadoes, and vandalism. Each Incident is different and understanding our clients need is our priority. We strive to exceed expectations while maintain open communication. Many who have worked with us in the past have commented on our willingness to share our information. We at Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC ensure that all parties involved in the claim know what is going on from the beginning to the end of each and every project. Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC employs specialists in the field of restoration combined centuries of experience help us to understand the industry and the needs of our clients.


Got a question? We’re here to help.

Does Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC own its own equipment?

You bet we do! Unlike many of our competitors who rent their equipment, we have invested millions of dollars into our equipment inventory. This ensures that we have the right equipment when it matters the most, “when you need us”!

Can I contact Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC at night or on the weekend?

We are available 24/7. Simply call us at 904-662-9609

What sets Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC apart from other restoration companies?

There are many things that set us apart from our competitors. We specialize in and handle only commercial projects. We are not franchised which provides better control the quality of our services.

Does Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC offer an emergency response plan?

Yes we do. Rather than simply reacting to disaster situations, most risk managers prefer taking proactive measures to establish a relationship with an experienced restoration company. By enrolling in our Emergency Response Plan, your business will receive the benefit of years of experience in reducing the impact of any natural or man made disaster. Your business will be receiving the backing of a leader in water and fire damage response that can help you get your business back in working order when disaster strikes. Utilization of our Emergency Response Plan will greatly reduce your business interruption following any water or fire damage incident at your location. Contact us today for more information about this program.

What is the difference between emergency management and disaster recovery?

Emergency management is the managerial function charged with creating the framework within which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. So, in comparison to disaster recovery, this refers to the coordination and management of resources and responsibilities pertaining to the mitigation of, preparedness for, response to, and recovery from an emergency.

Disaster recovery focuses more solely on recovery. Disaster recovery involves a set of policies, tools and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. You can think of disaster recovery as the plan set in place to recover assets and infrastructure so life can return to normal. Here at Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC, we provide expert emergency management and disaster recovery.

How can I contact you?

We would love to hear from you! If you need immediate attention to your inquiry, call us at 904-662-9609. Or, you can send us a message by clicking on the “Contact Us” page. We look forward to speaking with you!