Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC’s mission is to cultivate and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. At the core of our company we strive to be mindful, respectful, ad understanding to our clients.

We do so by embracing our employees as family, at Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC, we try and instill a team mentality in each and every one of our associates and train our staff on our company core values. We believe that with quality people and teamwork, we will achieve our goal of a successful and well-structured organization that will treat our clients fairly and with mutual respect.

Most importantly, we understand urgency and accountability, and that only when core values are implemented in our business culture, we may achieve our goals; to be a profitable, successful organization who values our employees and our commercial clients nationwide.

We’re committed to training and safety

Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC has a diversified team, all with different past experience which contributes to our training program. Our Operations Leadership Team has over ten years’ experience with Emergency Management Training.

Millennium Fire & Water Restoration LLC’s staff undergo training exercises on a daily basis. Each recovery effort is an opportunity for our team members to absorb new information based upon circumstances. Each and every operations involved employee is OSHA certified and undergoes training before initial placement on a project. Safety meetings are held daily with an option to touch on any applicable scenario. A Tool Box Topics binder is distributed to each project manager for a reference on job site safety meetings.

Each employee is given the Firms Field Operations Guide with a summary of the basic outlines. The basic outline contents are as follows:

  • Foundation- Reason
  • Disaster Response Scope (What, Who, and Why) Review of Situational Hazards Unknowns
  • Planning and Priorities Assignment of Responsibilities Direction
  • Coordination and Communication
  • Assessment- Logistics Administration to Operations Operations to Administration Resources Index